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A key element of spacewatch is the detail it maintains about your storage.  It replaces manual administration of individual file systems.  It connects to local and remote networks and provides a central repository for multiple admins to work from.
Finding unused, unwanted and duplicated files is easy - knowing where to start in addressing the issue requires clever analysis.  Clever analysis can tell you why your storage is filling up - who’s causing it, and where - but it needs a well thought out app to easily make sense of this complex data.  This is what the spacewatch desktop app does.
Once you’ve sorted out the detail you want; the reports you want to circulate; and any archiving or clean-up tasks you want to run - its time to automate the routine.  This is where time really gets saved and where you get to keep cutting cost.
Get spacewatch now... Get spacewatch now...
What does spacewatch do?
Whether you have one site or hundreds; one server or arrays of filers and NAS devices; GB or TB - spacewatch fits into your network design.  This means you can deploy and optimise it for almost any situation - then adapt it as you change.
Find files, folders, types of files, file owners... wherever they are1, whatever they are - instantly.  They may be hiding in zip files or attached to emails* - spacewatch will seek them out.
Find unwanted, unused and duplicated files and folders - and remove them. Archive to secondary storage, delete them - or generate stock or custom reports to share the issue with your users. 
Get spacewatch now... Get spacewatch now...
1NAS, SAN, Windows, Netware or UNIX/linux *IBM Lotus Domino and Notes or Microsoft Exchange/PST files
Get spacewatch now... Get spacewatch now...
Spacewatch packs a punch - but get to know the demo and you’ll have that power at your fingertips.  Try it on your PC then talk to us about getting the best fit with your organisation. Not sure what to do?  Ask us to give you a live web demo and one of our experts can answer your questions.
See why SPACEWatch is the best duplicate finder - find file duplicates  quickly across your entire network.
The storage tool
How does spacewatch actually work?
Check your entire network in one view - or investigate traditional tree structures, treemaps or file types.  Drill down in different directions - user, use, size, type and more.  See what applications are being used and even the performance of your network from the users’ perspective.  Plot trends and check out the impact of planned change.